Simple  handmade  embroidered  colourful  inspired by native cultures sensible   

made of recycled and natural materials    one of a kind    with their own personality and story 

and with a hint of poetry and magic...

More about TankannaToys and more about me


TankannaToys are hand embroidered, one of a kind, personalized toys. They are made with love, by a kid in me, a mom that I am  and  that enjoys the sparkle in kids eyes.

My name is Anna Tanka and I make toys. They are made while I am running somewhere, on the train, or in a waiting area at doctor´s. I don´t have a studio. Though I have a charismatic chaos of fabrics, kids´s toys (made by me or Lego) and sewing stuff. It is a real mess, but it truly brings joy to my creative side, as it is.

I started to make toys just recently.. The first impulse was my daughter that was given an unpleasantly looking rag doll. I really didn´t like it. But my girl loved the softness of it, so I decided to make a doll for her. And then I couldn´t stop.

I come from an artistic background. My mom is a painter, so the Art, literally, has always lived in our house. Paintings, drawings, crafts, books, little cute artisan things that my mom collects.

I have travelled a bit and always thought that my destiny was somewhere else. You know that feeling of belonging nowhere and at the same time everywhere? This journey reflects in my dolls too; you can find all the cultural colours, apsects and identities in my work.

Tanka is a genre of traditional Japanese poetry. I have nothing to do with Japan (except for my affect for Japanese design and philosophy of Wabi Sabi). But the name, the reminiscence of poetry in life, return to the lyrical childhood seemed alright.

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