Working on one of the custom portraits, New techniques

July 27, 2018

This custom order is very special. Honestly, making men figures/dolls is always a tough proposition. Catching men's traces means including all the wrinkles, focusing more on the eyes. Even the nose is embroidered with more definition. Unless they are bearded. The beard makes it hipster but as well very authentic.

This time....I am making an adult, elder man, a grandpa actually. With no beard, extremely beautiful eyes and quite outstanding chin. For the very time, I changed my technique, or a pattern.

The figure's head is made separately and then fixed on the body.

So the chin steps out, makes a real relief. 

He is put in the Czech fire brigade uniform, as the little boy, the future receiver of this creation of mine, adores firemen.


You can check the progress...


A little remark, making a lite boy, no wrinkles or beard...that would be a tough proposition!



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